1: Get ready for exciting adventures and memorable moments with our handpicked selection of upcoming kids' movies. From animation to live-action, a fantastic lineup awaits!

2: Embark on a magical journey in the upcoming movie "Magi Grove." Join young Willow as she discovers her extraordinary powers and unravels the mysteries of a hidden realm.

3: Hold your breath for the action-packed "Super Sleuth Squad." Join a group of clever young detectives as they solve puzzling mysteries and outsmart notorious villains.

4: Swing into jungle fun with "Rainforest Rascals." Follow a curious bunch of animal friends as they navigate thrilling obstacles and learn valuable life lessons.

5: Calling all space enthusiasts! In "Cosmic Explorers," join a team of fearless astronauts on a thrilling mission to save the universe from a lurking danger.

6: Join young adventurer Alex in "Treasure Quest." Uncover hidden treasures, face treacherous obstacles, and experience the rush of excitement in this epic quest for fortune.

7: Get ready for a heartwarming tale in "Paw Prints of Love." Join a lovable pack of rescue pets as they embark on a touching journey to find their forever homes.

8: Discover the enchanting world of "Pixie Hollow." Follow the mischievous Tinker Bell and her fairy friends as they embark on a daring adventure full of magic and friendship.

9: Gear up for laughter and excitement in "Comical Capers." Join a hilarious gang of misfit animals as they embark on a mission to protect their beloved home from an evil threat.