1: 1. Examine the coin's weight, shape, and details carefully. Don't be fooled by imprecise craftsmanship.

2: 2. Use a magnifying glass to check for irregularities or inconsistencies in the coin's design or lettering.

3: 3. Conduct a magnet test - real coins are generally not magnetic, so if it sticks, it may be a fake.

4: 4. Be aware of counterfeit mint marks or dates that don't align with the coin's historical era.

5: 5. Pay attention to the coin's sound when dropped on a hard surface; genuine coins produce a distinctive ring.

6: 6. Seek expert opinion from numismatists, reputable dealers, or coin grading services to verify authenticity.

7: 7. Avoid suspiciously low prices; counterfeit coins are often priced significantly below their genuine counterparts.

8: 8. Research and familiarize yourself with the characteristics and specific details of the coin you're interested in.

9: 9. Stay informed about emerging counterfeit techniques and stay vigilant when acquiring coins to protect your investment.