1: Harvey Specter, the charismatic lawyer, can lead a spinoff show, displaying his legal brilliance and quick wit.

2: Donna Paulsen, Harvey's sharp assistant, brings sass and intelligence, making her an ideal candidate for a spinoff.

3: Mike Ross, the brilliant fraud-turned-lawyer, could embark on his own legal adventures, showcasing his remarkable talent.

4: Jessica Pearson, a powerhouse lawyer, possesses the skills and determination to thrive in a captivating spinoff series.

5: Louis Litt, the eccentric yet brilliant attorney, brings comic relief and expertise that should feature in a spinoff.

6: Rachel Zane, a talented lawyer with a compelling backstory, could lead a spinoff, tackling complex cases.

7: Alex Williams, a skilled lawyer, offers a new perspective and intriguing storylines that deserve a spinoff.

8: Donna and Harvey's chemistry is undeniable. A spinoff focused on their dynamic partnership would be a hit.

9: A spinoff featuring the entire original cast, upholding the legal drama's integrity, would leave fans craving for more.