1: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman addresses Antisemitism. Admits overlooking its reach on American left.

2: Altman's statement on Antisemitism's magnitude. Recognition of misjudgment within left-wing ideology.

3: OpenAI CEO acknowledges misperception about Antisemitism. Critical assessment of left-wing's role in promoting it.

4: Sam Altman's apology for underestimating Antisemitism. Reevaluation of left-wing's contributions to the issue.

5: OpenAI CEO's admission of misjudgment on Antisemitism. Concerns raised about Antisemitic tendencies on the American left.

6: Altman reflects on Antisemitism's extent within left-wing. OpenAI CEO highlights need for increased awareness.

7: OpenAI CEO's retraction on underestimating Antisemitism. Recognition of the prevalence within American leftism.

8: Sam Altman acknowledges his misconception on Antisemitism. Examining the American left's contribution to the issue.

9: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman admits errors about Antisemitism. Addressing the issue's connection to left-wing ideology.