1: 1. "Stolen Treasures: Most Valuable Coins" 2. "Daring Heists: Legendary Stolen Coins" 3. "Lost Fortunes: The Most Valuable Stolen Coins"

2: 1. "The Great Brinks Job: Stolen 1933 Double Eagle" 2. "Priceless Rarity: The Revolutionary Theft of a 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar" 3. "Infamous Caper: The Disappearing 1913 Liberty Head Nickel"

3: 1. "The Peso Purloin: Theft of the 1907 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle" 2. "Unbreakable Mystery: The Vanishing of the 1931-D Lincoln Cent" 3. "Notorious Disappearance: The Scottish £1 Million Coin Heist"

4: 1. "A Royal Loss: The Risks and Rewards of Stealing the King's Ransom" 2. "Beyond Valuable: The Missing Silver Dollar of 1804" 3. "Historic Theft: The Stolen 1854-S $5 Gold Coin"

5: 1. "Golden Intrigue: The Great Inca Gold Heist" 2. "Precious Plunder: The Vanishing Dutch Lion Daalders" 3. "Epic Swindle: The Unraveling Story of the Stolen Sacagawea Dollars"

6: 1. "Hidden Fortune: The Stolen 1866 No Motto Double Eagle" 2. "Invaluable Heist: The Mysterious Disappearance of the 1933 Sovereign" 3. "Priceless Sacrilege: The Pilfered Coins from the British Museum"

7: 1. "Tales of Thievery: The Most Valuable Stolen Coins in History" 2. "Artful Larceny: Famous Coin Thieves and Their Stolen Loot" 3. "Gone Without a Trace: The Unsolved Cases of Stolen Coins"

8: 1. "Hot Currency: The Illicit Trade of Stolen Coins" 2. "Criminal Masterminds: The Mind-boggling World of Coin Heists" 3. "Stolen History: Legendary Coins That Remain at Large"

9: 1. "The Hunt Continues: Investigations in Recovering Stolen Coins" 2. "Collectors Beware: Recognizing and Avoiding Stolen Coins" 3. "Priceless Heritage: The Efforts to Preserve Stolen Coin Artifacts"