1: Discover the pioneers! Uncover the Most Influential Women in Coin Design. From ancient to modern times, these visionaries shaped numismatic history. Explore their genius today!

2: Meet Queen Victoria, a trailblazer who transformed the British coinage. Her designs sparked a new era in numismatics and left a lasting legacy. Embrace her outstanding contributions.

3: Enter the world of Mary Brooks, the first female Chief Engraver at the United States Mint. Her remarkable artistry elevated American coin design, paving the way for future female talent.

4: Dive into the realm of Maria Theresa of Austria, an influential ruler and coin designer. Her reformed currency system set a standard in Europe and hailed her as a shining icon.

5: Explore the remarkable journey of Anna Hyatt Huntington. This talented sculptor ventured into coin design, leaving her mark on U.S. currency with iconic depictions of legendary figures.

6: Unveil the captivating story of Veronica Brunner. This Swiss medalist shattered gender barriers, bringing grace and elegance to coins, portraying an era's spirit with every stroke.

7: Celebrate the brilliance of Nora Eccles Harrison, a maverick in American coin design. Her imaginative creations captivated collectors and showcased the beauty of our nation's history.

8: Step into the extraordinary world of Susanna Blunt. Her portrait graces the Canadian dollar, symbolizing a modern approach to coinage and reflecting the strength and diversity of Canada.

9: Discover the groundbreaking work of Amy DePierre. This contemporary artist challenges conventions with her innovative coin designs, infusing numismatics with fresh perspectives and themes.