1: 1. Matthew Dent - Designed UK's 2008 coin series, showcasing different parts that form the royal coat of arms.

2: 2. Augustus Saint-Gaudens - Known for creating the iconic '$20 Double Eagle' gold coin in 1907, displaying Lady Liberty.

3: 3. Thomas Pesendorfer - Austrian artist renowned for designing the stunning Vienna Philharmonic gold and silver coins.

4: 4. Jody Clark - Crafted the fifth definitive coinage portrait of Queen Elizabeth II for UK currency in 2015.

5: 5. Christian Gobrecht - Designed the famous Liberty Seated coins series, minted in the mid-19th century in the US.

6: 6. Luigi Badia - Italian engraver behind Italy's first-ever commemorative circulating €2 coin, honoring Dante Alighieri.

7: 7. Charles Barber - Influential American designer who created numerous coin designs, including the iconic Barber dime.

8: 8. Tadeusz Breyer - Polish artist renowned for his intricate and inspiring coin designs for the Polish Mint.

9: 9. Mary Gillick - Notable British sculptor responsible for the first portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on UK currency.