1: The Brinks-Mat Warehouse Heist | London, UK In 1983, a notorious gang stole £26 million in gold, diamonds, and cash from Brinks-Mat Warehouse. Many involved were arrested, but the loot remains largely unrecovered.

2: The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Heist | Boston, USA In 1990, priceless art worth $500 million was stolen from the Gardner Museum. The case remains unsolved, and the stolen masterpieces have yet to be returned.

3: The Pobjoy Mint Theft | Surrey, UK In 1983, £3 million worth of coins weighing 52 tons were stolen from Pobjoy Mint, making it one of the largest coin thefts. The culprits and coins are still missing.

4: The Ulster Museum Heist | Belfast, UK In 1974, one of the largest coin heists took place, resulting in the theft of £1 million worth of rare coins from the Ulster Museum. The stolen coins remain untraceable.

5: The Danish National Museum Heist | Copenhagen, Denmark In 2007, a priceless Viking-era gold necklace worth $16 million was stolen from the Danish National Museum. Despite investigations, the stolen artifact has not resurfaced.

6: The Bank of England Gold Robbery | London, UK In 1798, during the Napoleonic Wars, robbers stole £1 million worth of gold from the Bank of England, evading capture but never revealing the location of the stolen gold.

7: The Banco Central Burglary | Fortaleza, Brazil In 2005, a gang tunneled for three months to steal approximately $70 million from the Banco Central in Fortaleza. Only a small fraction has been recovered to this day.

8: The Russian Diamond Fund Heist | Moscow, Russia In 1985, the Russian Diamond Fund lost a significant portion of its collection, including the priceless "Dresden Green Diamond." The stolen valuables remain at large.

9: The Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin Heist | Berlin, Germany In 2017, thieves stole the "Big Maple Leaf," a 221-pound gold coin worth $4.3 million, from a Berlin museum. Despite arrests, the coin remains missing, leaving no trace.