1: Discover the fascinating world of controversial coin redesigns! These alterations have stirred debate and left lasting impacts. Explore further!

2: 1. The 1922 Lincoln Cent: An innovative design that replaced traditional wheat ears caused outrage among collectors and sparked a frenzy.

3: 2. The 1974 Eisenhower Dollar: The depiction of a living president on a coin generated political controversy and divided public opinion.

4: 3. The 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar: With its iconic portrait of the late president, this coin faced scrutiny due to its swift production after his tragic assassination.

5: 4. The 2005 Bison Nickel: A new visual representation of this cherished species attracted criticism for overshadowing the historical significance of the buffalo.

6: 5. The 2010 Union Shield Penny: Touting a modernized shield design, critics argued it lacked the traditional elegance associated with previous versions.

7: 6. The 1983 "No V.D.B." Lincoln Cent: Omitting the initials of the designer led to outcry and subsequent modifications to restore honor.

8: 7. The 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coin: A unique curved shape drew attention, generating both praise for creativity and skepticism for practicality.

9: 8. The 1999 Susan B. Anthony Dollar: The artistic portrayal of the feminist figure faced backlash, igniting debates on representation and interpretation.