1: Discover the ultimate ranking of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, showcasing the best and the not-so-great, all in one place. Dive into this comprehensive list now!

2: 35. "Thor: The Dark World" - While visually stunning, this installment fails to weave an engaging storyline, making it one of the weakest entries in the MCU.

3: 34. "Iron Man 2" - Despite its entertaining action sequences, this sequel lacks the depth and impact of its predecessor, falling short of expectations.

4: 33. "The Incredible Hulk" - Although an enjoyable watch, this early entry suffers from pacing issues and fails to fully capitalize on the character's potential.

5: 32. "Thor" - Introducing the God of Thunder, this film carries a solid foundation but falters in balancing its Shakespearean elements with modern-day superhero storytelling.

6: 31. "Ant-Man and the Wasp" - Although light-hearted and fun, this sequel feels somewhat inconsequential to the larger MCU narrative, resulting in a middling offering.

7: 30. "Iron Man 3" - While boasting great performances, this movie's divisive plot twists and underwhelming villain portrayal hinder its overall impact.

8: 29. "Avengers: Age of Ultron" - Despite its epic scale and thrilling action, this Avengers sequel struggles to recapture the magic of its predecessor, feeling slightly disjointed.

9: 28. "Captain Marvel" - Although a groundbreaking entry with an empowering lead, this origin story falls shy of expectations due to a mixed execution and pacing.