1: "Rom Coms on HBO Max" Enjoy a collection of the best romantic comedies on HBO Max! These heartwarming films guarantee laughter, love, and happy endings. Start streaming now!

2: "Crazy, Stupid, Love." Witness a modern classic with "Crazy, Stupid, Love." This hilarious rom-com follows a recently divorced man through unexpected encounters that will make you laugh and swoon.

3: "Notting Hill" Indulge in the romantic tale of "Notting Hill." Fall in love with the unlikely couple as they navigate fame, paparazzi, and their blossoming relationship. A must-watch for rom-com enthusiasts.

4: "When Harry Met Sally" Rediscover the timeless charm of "When Harry Met Sally." This iconic film explores the complexities of friendship and love with wit, chemistry, and unforgettable moments.

5: "The Proposal" Laugh out loud with "The Proposal," a delightful rom-com starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Watch as two opposites are forced to fake a relationship, leading to unexpected twists.

6: "The Holiday" Escape to a heartwarming story in "The Holiday." Follow two women who swap homes during the holidays, finding unexpected love and happiness in the most magical season of the year.

7: "Trainwreck" Embrace laughter and vulnerability with "Trainwreck." This hilarious rom-com written by Amy Schumer offers a fresh perspective on love and commitment that defies convention.

8: "Hitch" Discover the art of love and connection with "Hitch." Will Smith stars as a charismatic dating coach, guiding men through the labyrinth of romance in this captivating rom-com.

9: "10 Things I Hate About You" Relive the iconic '90s romance in "10 Things I Hate About You." Join this high school love story filled with wit, heart, and memorable performances. An absolute rom-com gem.