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3: "Coin Collecting in San Francisco" With its iconic Golden Gate, San Fran unveils treasures for numismatists. Don't miss Pacific Coast Coins, offering unique pieces reflecting this vibrant city.

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6: "Delve into New Orleans' Numismatic Heritage" Beyond Mardi Gras, New Orleans dazzles with its hidden coin treasures. French Quarter Coin Shop and the Louisiana State Museum unveil historic rarities.

7: "Hidden Coin Gems in Denver" Denver's breathtaking landscapes encompass coin enthusiasts too. Explore the Denver Mint, Collectors Cache, and unravel the city's numismatic wonders.

8: "Portland's Eclectic Coin Culture" Oregon's City of Roses has more to offer than its natural beauty. Visit Coin Cottage and delve into the unique world of Portland's coin collectors.

9: "Austrian Delights in Vienna" Beyond its imperial opulence, Vienna welcomes coin lovers. Stephan Welz & Co not only showcases Austrian coins but also offers insights into numismatic history.