1: "The Polar Express" introduces Tom Hanks as the Conductor, guiding children on a magical train journey to the North Pole.

2: Meet Hero Boy, the curious protagonist voiced by Tom Hanks in "The Polar Express," discovering the true spirit of Christmas.

3: Journey with Tom Hanks as Santa Claus himself in "The Polar Express," spreading joy and wonder to children worldwide.

4: Tom Hanks lends his voice to Hero Boy's doubting yet caring father in "The Polar Express," teaching valuable life lessons.

5: Witness Tom Hanks' versatility as he brings life to a mysterious hobo in "The Polar Express," guiding Hero Boy along his journey.

6: Tom Hanks voices a know-it-all kid named Know-It-All in "The Polar Express," providing comedic relief throughout the adventure.

7: Experience the kindness of Tom Hanks' portrayal of the lonely puppeteer in "The Polar Express," sparking magical moments.

8: Discover Tom Hanks as the wise Santa's Elf in "The Polar Express," assisting Santa with the gift-giving process.

9: The Polar Express features multiple characters voiced by Tom Hanks, each adding depth and warmth to this beloved holiday tale.